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1) Go to the Boston Public Library website: http://bpl.org

2) Select "bpl catalogs" from the brown bar at the top of the page.


3) Click on "OverDrive Downloadable Media" under Specialized Catalogs:

You will then see this page:




4) To search for a specific audiobook, type a title or author into the search bar. You can limit the search by selecting "title" or "author" from the drop down bar.



5) To browse the audiobook collection, select "audiobooks" from the blue bar at the top of the screen

1 To view and browse all categories, scroll down the page.

2 In browse, you can limit your browsing by selecting fiction or non-fiction.


1 To see all audiobooks in a specific category, select "complete list" in the top right corner of each category.


2 When browsing a category of audiobooks, you can select how to sort your books by choosing from the options at the top of the list.

3 You can also go to a specific letter in the alphabet by selecting a letter from the top of the list.


1 Once you see an audiobook that interests you, you can click the title for more information.

2 More information gives you publishing information, subjects, languages, and what types of devices can play the audiobook.

6) To checkout an audiobook, select "Add to Cart". If it says "Place a hold" next to the book instead of "Add to cart", the book has already been checked out by someone else. You can request that the library tell you when the book is returned.


7) To begin checkout process, click "Proceed to Checkout".


8) Enter your library card number and click "Login".

9) Select "Confirm Checkout"

1 Once you confirm checkout, it will bring you to a page where you can download the software needed to download, play, burn, or copy the audiobook.

2 Skip ahead to #19 if you have already downloaded the necessary software.



10) Click on the link that says "Click here to download software needed to use the OverDrive Audio Book file".


11) Click on the OverDrive Media Console button.


12) A new window will open with the OverDrive software website. Click the same OverDrive Media Console button to download OverDrive Media Console.


13) After you click the button to download the OverDrive Media Console, a new window will pop up. Select "Save File".


14) select where you would like to save the program.


15) Open the OverDrive Media Console file, and click "Run" when the window opens. The OverDrive Media Console will then begin downloading.




16) Once the OverDrive Media Console downloads, the OverDrive Media Console Wizard will open. Follow the Wizard by clicking "Next", agreeing to the License Agreement, selecting an installation folder, and confirming installation.



17) OverDrive Media Console will now be installed on your computer.


18) To finish downloading your audiobook, return to the BPL webpage where you checked out your audiobook.


19) Click on "Download" under the image of the audiobook.

1 The audiobook with appear on the OverDrive Media Console and begin to download.

2 Once downloaded, hit the play button.

3 Happy listening!